Things Facing Left

Three deceased canidae characters that are all ancestors to characters presently in “Guilt.”

-Ivan Basilicus is the patriarch of the Basilicus family and ancestor to Rasputin Basilicus. He was born mute, but was very amicable, smart, and well-read. A brilliant tactician, his ideas kept many canidae families alive and free during the beginning of the Elder Purge. 

-Sarah Basilicus, granddaughter to Ivan, further helped garner fame for the Basilicus name following her grandfather’s death. As the Purge progressed, she focused on the defenses of the mountain clans, assuring that they would survive through the long war. It is due to her planning that the mountain canidae remain powerful in present Lorn.

-John Hall, ancestor to Nanook Peraro, ensured Sarah’s survival following the death of Ivan Basilicus. Originally a servant to the family, John rescued Sarah from human invaders and later returned her to the rejoining clans. He became like a father to her, as both her parents perished in the invasion. Their family lines have run close to one another for generations since, 

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