Things Facing Left

I’ve been feeling pretty gross today so it seemed like a good time to paint some grass since that always relaxes me

2 hour WIP; acrylic on canvas

Hi there! I saw that an anon had asked about this, and I just wanted to let you know that, as a Mac user, I've had good experiences with SAI in Parallels. Pen pressure is not a problem so long as you install your tablet drivers on Windows as well, something most people don't think to do (thus the misconception that pen pressure doesn't work.) Parallels itself is expensive, though, and there is no alternative. However! CLIP Studio is identical to SAI (including brushes) and is Mac compatible.

OH, cool! Thanks for the info :D

Posting this here for anyone that might find it useful, particularly the last anon!

hey !! ive been drawing since forever but always traditionally,and now im really interested in digital art and learning how to use photoshop or paint tool sai, i was thinking about getting a wacom intuos pen small, is it good? also, is there anyway i can download sai for mac without installing parallels or should i go with gimp? cool blog btw! really useful!

Hey! Awesome to hear that you’re taking an interest in digital art :D

I would definitely recommend any Wacom tablet. Whichever Wacom you get specifically is up to you, but you definitely want a Wacom since they are designed with artists in mind. I personally use a Wacom Bamboo Capture and the only other tablet I’ve used before was a Wacom Bamboo Fun so my experience with tablets isn’t that broad, but both have worked very well. My Fun got a snip in its cord at one point, but it still worked for a good while after with a little electric tape. If you want to read up on tablet specifics to see which might suit your needs best, the Wacom website should provide you with all of the information you will need.

Also keep tablet size in mind when purchasing a tablet. I use a small tablet and it’s very convenient if you don’t have much room (I draw with my laptop in my lap and hold my tablet in my left hand so a small is very convenient) but a small tablet will eventually cause you more wrist and hand pain. Since the surface area is so small, you’ll spend more time making quick wrist flicks rather than solid arm movements and this can irritate your hand and wrist.

Honestly, I haven’t heard good things about SAI parallels for Mac. I’ve heard that some lack pressure sensitivity and other important tools that make SAI the wonderful program that it is :C

And, unfortunately, SAI is my program of choice— and the only program I have much experience with that is worth mentioning. I have used GIMP before, but I absolutely hate GIMP. The layout is very confusing and hard to navigate and I wouldn’t say that there’s anything particularly special about its tools— nothing that a good copy of Photoshop won’t beat easily, that is. I’ve only ever used PS Elements, which is very…. eh, but I’ve heard many good things about newer versions, however.

But if you cannot afford a digital art program, it might just be best to sit down and learn GIMP and get past its layout. Or FireAlpaca, I almost forgot to mention.

FireAlpaca is a free program that feels somewhat similar to SAI. I wouldn’t say that it’s as good as SAI, but it has a lot of potential and isn’t as clustered and aggravating as GIMP is. It being free is also a huge bonus— especially since it is also for Mac!

My fursona in the Okami style for Bu

Wound up making an elf OC out of sketch practice oops

His name is Lawrence and he grew up with gargoyles in the Tailbone Cliffs. He loves dragons and often climbs up to the sacer dragon nests to draw them

I may or may not have listened to this on repeat while drawing

Hi! If you don't mind me asking, why do people put the little tiny white line/image with their art/pictures on tumblr sometimes? Is it a formatting thing? o: If you don't know what I mean I'll explain more!

Exactly right!

If you post one image instead of two or more it doesn’t fill out the post and becomes thumbnailed until clicked on. If you post a secondary image, though— a small 1 pixel white strip if an actual secondary image is not available to make a photoset— it will be completely invisible to the eye (unless the prior image is clicked on) and will allow your actual image to fill out the post as if it were in a photoset

Doodled a weird dude while watching the last bit of the Walking Dead game season 2


that was a fucking doozy

Mikken doodles circa 2010, 2012, and 2014

Mikken are teeny little weenies and I love drawing them