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Hi. I don't want to sound annoying or anything, but are you going to fix some of your links on the tutorial master post? half of them don't work anymore, and i was just curious

Due to the length of the list, I cannot fix/remove them easily unless people help me out and tell me specifically which links are broken

I just skimmed through and removed four broken ones personally. Most of them appear to still be intact, though I don’t doubt that there are likely ones I missed. To make up for the ones I removed, I added about 6 new tutorials (primarily in the “General painting, drawing, and style tips” section but also one to canines and cervines)

A great deal of the tutorials are linked from my own personal Tumblr and should never break, but there are many that come from DA and other outside sources that are likely to break at some point if the artist is active and makes alterations to their account.

If you are viewing an older form of the masterpost, one that’s been reblogged and tossed around for a long period of time, there is also a greater chance that more links will be broken (and that many newer links will not have been added.) For the most updated version of the tutorial, it is best to view it here

If you ever find a broken link— or a repeated link too, actually— please mention it to me! I do check them myself sometimes, but it’s far too easy to miss one while skimming over

If you could somehow combine the temperaments of a puppy, a cat, a ferret, and a small bird you would then have a cygnus dragon

A Paypal commission for Gum_E_Bear on Gaia

Taking a break from commissions to doodle canine things

ChibiPaint doodle things

SAI doodle things

commission info? ;u;

I should probably fix up my theme someday and make my FAQ link more noticeable ; u ;”

For a quicker link, my commission info can be located here

If you don’t have a Weasyl, you’re welcome to send me an email regarding commissions to

hey! may i ask if you have tips for art style? thank you!:3c

Hrmmm that’s kind of a tough one to answer

I feel that art style shines best when you’re drawing from yourself, not trying to mimic the work of others.

You will be inspired by other artists— heck, you can be inspired by many artists all at once.

Your linework might be inspired by artist A, your colouring by artist B. The way you draw backgrounds might fall from your interest in artist C’s work, and the eyes on your humans from artist D. Your hands might seem familiar to artist E’s, and the way you draw smiles from artist F. But together these things make your own style and, the more you just sit down and draw— without intentionally mimicking the work of another person— the more your images will blend together and create your own unique thing.

So just draw. Learn the basics— anatomy, shading, the works— and then make it your own. Be open to learning new things and improving.

You will never be good enough to not improve and that is 1,000% okay. 

Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t like your current artwork or style. If you stop drawing now, you never will like it. You just have to keep on going with it, until you find a place where you feel comfortable enough to stay there.

Think of it like searching for a new house (imagine the Sims or something if you’ve never had that experience)— you spend a long time searching for the perfect place to live. You might feel like giving up at some point, but you need that house to live in, and stopping now after searching for so long just isn’t an option. Finally— you find the house. You’re comfortable here, though it’s not furnished. There’s a long way to go with it, but you’re there and you now feel comfortable with your position enough to sit down and really make that house your own place.

Do you mind sharing your brush settings? (Hopefully this hasn't already been asked, as I'm on mobile)

My most commonly used brushes can be found here C:

I’ve also recently started using a pencil brush I grabbed from this post sometimes.

It’s this one specifically (though I tweaked the density)