Things Facing Left
The whole 'Things facing left' you got going on.. Does that mean I'm not alone? [I suppose I too am only able to really draw things when they're facing the left. Is that like a real thing? ;u;

Mhmmmm! It’s actually pretty common for artists to draw most of their work facing in one direction— left, right, maybe even more centered and forward if they struggle with profiles.

Whichever hand is your dominant hand can really play into this. Since you don’t want to smudge your drawing, or hide it under your hand, it becomes common practice to draw the face of your subject and then move your hand away from it.

And even if you integrate into digital art, I feel like you still sort of stick to your traditional practices. Because I know that now, even though I’m not gonna smudge my drawing or whatever, I still feel more comfortable drawing things facing to the left. 

Although I also have a strong, obsessive practice of flipping and rotating my canvas constantly while I draw to get the best angle, so now I’m even less comfortable doing traditional art since it doesn’t provide the same flexibility.

Even with all that flipping, I still think that most of my drawing at least start from the left, and are done majorly facing left.

semi-odd question here: for sketch dumps, like the one you just posted, do you actually just draw the full lineart in one go or do you clean them up? just asking out of curiosity, love your work!!!

For all (or at least most of) the ones I just posted, they were just drawn all in one go without too much erasing. I don’t think I did under sketches for many of them either— maybe one or two? (between both dumps.)

Most of the time, though, my lines are made by doing rough, detailed sketches and then cleaning them up with the eraser tool. I recorded an eraser cleanup of one drawing recently here

I’m used to doing this on SAI, though. The program I’ve been doing these recent sketches on is ChibiPaint, which is more rudimentary, so I find the way I treat these lines versus SAI’s smooth lines is more straightforward and simplistic

And thank you! c: <3

Hoping I’ll sketch myself into productivity

Oekaki stress doodle things idk

I feel really lethargic right now so here are some practice sketches



Sketching with something other than marker tool for once wowie

What tool is this? I like the lines way too much i need it.

It’s SAI’s generic brush tool!

I think that I did some minor tweaking to the settings, though, so here are my settings for it:

I’ve only ever used this brush for is sketching and lining, actually. I used to use it pretty frequently, but I’ve since gotten more into marker tool.

Sketching with something other than marker tool for once wowie

Some old Sapiens statue idk

I have a canon strict form for Sapiens, but some cultures within Lorn have varied views on his appearance.

I saw this tutorial on outlining text and just wanted to point out a much more controlled way to do so

You can also use the magic wand tool for this if you have a solid image you want to outline, but the increment option will give you more possible results than simply relying on fuzzy detection

A god of my Imber universe, Modera