Things Facing Left

Lorn sirens are just big dumb sea lion things 

They make a high-pitched wailing sound that harms the inner ear and causes other animals to become confused and unbalanced

They often target sea birds and small vessels.

In the water, their cries lose intensity, though can be used for effective sonar.

A commission WIP!

A revamp for Polleo (previously a male character, now female), a Nox doodley-doo with weird anatomy, and a concept drawing for a newer OC, Jaya.

Do me the biggest favor: live until tomorrow, and when you do read this note again. Everyday I know you're alive is another I know I can make it through too. You are my inspiration, so please don't let that light die out... It the only one I have left to look for.

I’m sorry to drop this here. I will be turning anon off shortly after this is posted. I am not comfortable with receiving questions that I cannot answer privately on this blog anymore, particularly when they contain this form of content.


I am deeply sorry for whatever may be troubling you in your life, anon, but this ask is not something that I take with comfort. This is an ask that scares me— one that makes me feel as if I am being blackmailed into comforting and supporting someone who I do not know. This ask is upsetting for me, even though I don’t believe your intentions were to make it so.

I am a very paranoid person, and I am not a stranger to anxiety and depression. There have been times where I won’t go to sleep because my anxiety keeps me from feeling comfortable.

I understand the need to latch onto something that makes it all better, but a person— particularly a person who you do not know personally— is not a comfort object. I am not a comfort object and depending your life upon my own is not healthy. 

With this ask, you are placing your own troubles onto my shoulders where they do not belong. You are blackmailing me. You are telling me, if not directly, that your life is dependent on my actions and that is a cruel thing to do to a person. 

I am not a suicidal person. Death scares me so deeply and profoundly that the concept of personally choosing to shorten my own life is as distant as clouds are to an ant. If there is one thing I hope for, it is that I’ll live until tomorrow— and the next day— and the next day— and so forth— but I do not want to be harassed into hoping so. I do not want to live feeling as if I am required to for the sake of another person.

I hope the best for you in the future, but I want to be firm with saying that you should not do this to other people. Your life is important— the fact that you are alive today and tomorrow is extremely important— but the lives of the people who you communicate with are also important. Dropping these unrealistic requests onto someone else puts an unbelievable amount of stress on their shoulders. I am quaking with anxiety now, and could not be further from comfortable after reading this ask.

If you are struggling with dark thoughts, here are links to free and confidential counseling.

I wish you the best of luck.

any tips for learning to make things just..less uniform? everything I draw is drawn the exact same way; if I draw wings, they're carbon copies and are all shaped the same. the legs on my goats and my wolves look basically the same, except that one ends in a hoof and one in a paw. I'm just not sure how to break out of this mold, yknow? your art is like the opposite of that; everything is different and unique and wonderful ;;

Ahhhh, I’m honored that you think my art is versatile, but I’ve honestly avoided answering this ask for some time because I do not feel that way about my own work. I often worry about reusing poses, drawing creatures in profile too much, and my blog title is “Things Facing Left’ for a very good reason ahahaha;

The more I think about it, however, perhaps my discomfort in my own lack of versatility can let me tell you what I’ve been trying to strive for to break the uniform, mundane look I feel that my art has achieved—

The first step to improving your artwork is first realizing that it can be better. Your artwork is never bad, but it can always get better. It doesn’t matter how inexperienced you are— your work is still never bad. It doesn’t matter how talented you are— your work is never good enough to no longer improve.

It can be difficult progressing with your artwork when you feel stuck, but the knowledge of your need to improve is what will ultimately lead your artistic endeavors forward. You need to love your artwork enough to keep going— but dislike it enough to be comfortable with critiques and open to improving.

The next step to improving is active practice. The more you draw, the better you get. Drawing is a skill that needs to be worked upon. It might take years, and it might frustrate you when you don’t see immediate improvement after long hours of work, but there will come a time when you look back on a piece you used to feel pride in and realize that your current work is much better.

And the best step to improving mundane work? Actively forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

I personally am not comfortable with drawing people. I grew up drawing animals and did not start drawing people until late in my junior year of high school (about 4-5 years ago.) Whenever I draw a person, they feel too stiff, and the anatomy and lack of fur frustrates me because I am far too used to drawing animals. Sometimes I get so frustrated with drawing people that I turn them into fauns to avoid drawing human legs below the knee.

But how am I ever going to get better at humans if I always avoid them? The simple answer is that I won’t. To get better at drawing something you’re not good at or not used to, you just need to buckle down and draw it anyway. You might not like what you produce at first— heck, you might not like it for quite some time— but practicing will slowly lead you to a place of comfort.

The same can be said with small things like drawing wings that are different from the wings you usually do. If you usually draw hawk wings, branch out and try the slender wings of an albatross, using references where necessary. You might not like how they look when you draw them at first, but the practice and discomfort will be worth taking a step towards better versatility with your work. In time, you’ll learn the anatomy of both subjects better. With the same method, there will come a time where, after having practiced both more fluently, you will be able to distinguish the legs of a wolf and a goat with ease.

On a closing note, I also want to say that the artists you admire likely suffer from the same insecurities and frustrations that you do. We’re our own worst critics and there’s always going to be someone who gives you art envy out the wazzoo. There’s no use in lusting after someone else’s talent when you can cultivate your own, however. You are a unique, individual artist and no one— absolutely no one— can produce the art that you do.

What is Guilt?

"Guilt" is a story that I’ve been working on for quite some time! if you ever see something tagged as "Guilt" then it originates from there

I’ve been working on Guilt since early 2010 (the protagonist, Roger Burkes— you can find him by browsing my “Roger” tag— was created December 2009)

I don’t have any passages or chapters of Guilt up at the moment, but it’s an ever-present work in progress that I hope to complete someday and potentially publish. I unfortunately have a very bad habit of over-editing, however, so there are certain chapters and passages that I have edited many, many times— or completely rewritten. This is the main reason that I have avoided posting it for so long, since I’m sure people would tire of me posting the same chapter edited 5 times over. I’ve been trying to overcome my editing urges, but it’s somewhat difficult;;

I’ve also recently changed the sexualities, sexes, races, and roles of certain characters (Guilt started off with far too many white dudes) so that alone resulted in massive edits and alterations ahahaha;

Other common tags you might find alongside “Guilt” are:

"Elders", "Mythics", and "Lorn"

"Elders" are essentially non-human people who have human traits or body shapes (such as elves and centaurs)

"Mythics" are essentially mythical creatures and somewhat self-explanatory (dragons, gryphons, etc)

"Lorn" is the fictional country that Guilt occurs in.

If you have any more questions regarding, you’re welcome to chuck them at me! I also have a blog that has some basic notes regarding Guilt (mainly rambling text posts) which can be found here


Some random things

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